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Inspire, inform, and co-create with IDEO, the world’s leading design firm. We tackle challenges across the globe, spanning diverse topics and communities. From designing waste out of the food system to simplifying prescription home delivery, your voice, ideas, feedback, and partnership is central to having a lasting positive impact.

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“Working with IDEO gave me the opportunity to think creatively about some of the everyday challenges I face as a clinician. Doing it collaboratively with their team of smart creative professionals was not only satisfying but really fun! It was exciting to be part of developing a solution for the problems my patients face.”

Frank Brodie, MD, MBA


Many Ways to Engage

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Participate in an interview or small group conversation

Share your experience, opinions, or expertise about various topics to inspire design or provide feedback in a remote zoom video call, on the phone, or in-person.


Be an advisor or part of a co-creation or co-design council

Either individually or as part of a small group, provide feedback, expertise, or perspectives throughout the life of an IDEO project.


Complete independent design research activities

Contribute your ideas, expertise, or feedback via paid research surveys, usability tests, or written and multimedia diary studies.


Experience a live prototype of a product, service, or experience

Walkthrough and provide feedback on life-size mockups of designs like voting booths, airplane cabins, or school cafeterias.

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Contribute to connecting with and recruiting from your community

Connect IDEO to your network, lead local initiatives, or help shape IDEO projects and partnerships.


Deeply collaborate or embed alongside IDEO designers

Work with an IDEO project team as a part or full-time designer or expert-in-resident to experience design thinking and push our way of working.


Behind the Scenes



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